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  • Image of Urushi Side Bowls
  • Image of Urushi Side Bowls
  • Image of Urushi Side Bowls
  • Image of Urushi Side Bowls
  • Image of Urushi Side Bowls

Urushi Side Bowls


I have been loving experiments with urushi of late.

This art goes back thousands of years in Japan where it has been used for decoration on bowls, boxes and pens.

Made from the sap of a tree, Toxicodendron vernicifluum, which can generously cause itching rashes to the skin when wet, it cures to a hard, durable, waterproof finish of great beauty.

The process of applying a layer, curing, applying another, curing, on and on, appeals to a sense of detail and a slow, patient way of working that appeals to me.

The bowls are turning on the lathe from year felled sycamore that is at its best right now, and I have gone as thin as I dare, down to 3 or 4mm thickness, giving them a light and delicate feel in the hand.

They are between 5" and 5.5" diameter and stand 2,5" tall.

These bowls have urushi on the inside only, with the wood being allowed to speak for itself on the outside.

They are suitable for hot foods and should be hand washed rather than put in a dishwasher.

Price is per bowl.

for posting other than in the UK please message me and I will find the cost