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  • Image of Mancala set No 2
  • Image of Mancala set No 2
  • Image of Mancala set No 2
  • Image of Mancala set No 2

Mancala set No 2

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This fabulous West African game goes by many names, mostly known as Mancala, but also Awale, Owole and Wari.

It is deceptively simple, just take more pieces than your opponent to win, but a bit like Backgammon, there is more to it than that.

We play ours often and it is probably the most played game in the house, and we do like our games! My wife played it when she lived in Mali where crowds will gather round any players to offer them plentiful 'advice' on the wisdom of their moves.

The board is made from beautiful Camphor wood that was in my house when I moved in.

Don't worry, it comes with full instructions and you can always email or call if you get stuck!

You will spend many happy hours playing this game, getting to know it and it won't be long before someone says "best out of 5?"

for posting other than in the UK please message me and I will find out the cost