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  • Image of Large Pear Wood Fruit/Salad Bowl
  • Image of Large Pear Wood Fruit/Salad Bowl

Large Pear Wood Fruit/Salad Bowl


This bowl was turned from a large pear tree from the Tyne Valley in Northumberland. Pear trees with a large enough diameter to turn large bowls are unusual here so it was a real treat to come across this one.

This was turned on my pole lathe, and as layers are removed the beautiful patterns emerge. The bowing of the bowl happens because the wood is turned while it is still 'green', then as it dries it moves to take its final form. This is typical of greenwood working and gives it it's unique quality

The bowl is 1 (27cm) wide and 2.25" (5.5cm) deep.

It is finished with Walnut oil and beeswax and will develop its own patina over the years

Wash in warm water and dry, not dishwasher safe