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  • Image of Hand Painted Maple Bowls
  • Image of Hand Painted Maple Bowls
  • Image of Hand Painted Maple Bowls

Hand Painted Maple Bowls


Made from Northumbrian Maple

It was turned from 'green' wood and so this moves as it dries and gives these bowls their unique form. This piece was made from a tree felled in Tynedale, Northumberland.

It was turned on my pole lathe using nothing but the power in my legs, and as it emerges from the wood the gorgeous patterns in the wood appear as the contrast between the heart wood and sapwood are revealed.

The paint used is 'Milk Paint' and is entirely food safe and resilient to washing and daily use.

The price is £30 for each individual bowl or £100 for the set of four bowls. Please state which colour or bowl/bowls you would like with your order.

The bowls are around 6.5" (16 cm) wide and 2.25" (6 cm) deep

It is finished with Walnut oil and will develop its own patina over the years

Wash in warm water and dry, not dishwasher safe